Congratulations! Since you're reading this, we now know you can remember important information and are motivated to improve your life. That's a great start to an outstanding and lucrative career at Freightquote.

Did we say lucrative? Start at a tasty base of $35,000 with the potential to rocket to $100k+ in three short years if you don't mind a little hard work amongst cool, like-minded people. So pass the test and you, too, can change the game. What are you waiting for?


Kick-start your career
in 25 minutes or less.

Everybody has a job application. Ours is a little different. It takes about 25 minutes to complete. Why? Because we're not just looking for people, we're looking for good people. This application gives us a good idea who can move the freight, so to speak. So stop texting, stop gaming and prove you're a winner. Apply now!


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And it's all about freight.

Here's the deal – when you work here, you: think freight, sleep freight, eat freight and, most important, sell freight. But, someone else moves the freight.

Freightquote is successful because we make shipping freight easier than it's ever been. Some might even say we revolutionized the industry. People who need to move product no longer need to call all over the place to seek the best, most affordable shipping solution. We do that for them. We save them time. We save them money. Our customers seem to like that. A lot. That means something important to you: you have a great product to sell.



Good companies give back.

It's good to be successful. It's better to share that success with worthy causes and people in need.

Freightquote is a strong supporter of improving education for kids here and across the country. That's why our founder, Tim Barton, is board chairman for the Center for Education Reform in Washington, D.C., and board member for Turn the Page KC, an effort to improve the reading skills of youngsters right here at home.

We're one of the leading supporters of the Kansas City, Kansas Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (KCK RBI) program, enriching the lives of less fortunate kids by building new fields and instituting a baseball program in the inner city. In fact, one of our own employees founded this movement and continues to direct it today in his spare time.

Tim BartonWhen Tim revolutionized the way people move freight, he also brought hundreds of jobs to the Kansas City area. That's another important way we give back, and now we're giving you a shot at joining the best team in town.



Work smart, have fun,
get paid.

We need to add 30-40 top-notch freight brokers a month to keep up with the increasing demand for our products and services. Freight brokers sell, trade, procure and manage operations for our clients and partners. If you are hard-charging and detail-oriented, can sell, never leave a problem unsolved, and maybe have even a little coolness to you, you might have the right stuff for Freightquote.

So stop texting, stop gaming and spend the most important 25 minutes of your life applying for your spot on the best team in town. It's time to change the game.



Serious success can
earn you serious money.

We understand our success has a lot to do with the quality of our sales force. That's why we hire good people and start them at a significant annual salary, and then give them the opportunity to drive that compensation into the stratosphere.

Pretty simple formula: The more you sell the more you make. You put in the effort, we'll make it worth your while. That's the deal. You're not likely to find a better opportunity out there. So stop looking and apply here. Now.